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Inspire the Next Generation

In today’s world, we’re forever looking for new and creative methods to engage students in ways that promote collaborative learning and, perhaps more importantly, critical thinking skills. Often, these ways are to replace the traditional paper & pen with interactive learning using tablets and large touch screens. It’s thinking about this tendency that we’ve chosen to […]

Useful thoughts when renewing your broadband package for education…

It’s that time of year when you are starting to receive your broadband contract renewals for your school. If you’ve been tied into a contract for a few years, and it’s up for renewal, don’t simply sign on that dotted line. Remember to shop around to find the best deal for you. Available services have […]

Grafton Primary School – Clevertouch Case Study

Q&A with Stephen Hawke, Assistant Head and ICT Coordinator at Grafton Primary School, DagenhamGrafton Primary School is a large four form primary in Dagenham, a suburb of East London, with approximately 950 students between Nursery and Year 6 on the roll. Although the school is in the top percentile for deprivation the teaching and managerial […]

Computing Qualifications Set to Increase

In a recent article by the BBC, brought to my attention by @SchoolsImprove, I read that provisional exam figures are showing an increased number of Computing qualifications. More traditional academic subjects also set to be “making a comeback” (Sellgren, 2015). Whilst it is not yet a requirement that a pupil should study a Computing based […]