Switching Sign In Solutions

Switching sign in solutions providers


The Top 10 Failings InfographicSchools can decide to switch suppliers for many reasons. Moving your sign in solution provider is no different.  Perhaps your existing supplier is failing to deliver what was agreed in the initial contract, or maybe they’re unable to meet you evolving requirements. Whatever the reason, the key to transitioning from one supplier to another is to manage risk correctly and minimise any downtime to your schools’ services.


Having the right providers for your school is vital, and we understand the concerns you may have in switching providers or suppliers.


InVentry takes the stress out of it by providing a detailed plan that suits your schedule and works around your staff and day to day operations. Then, once you’re ready we can take over the hard part and let you get on with your daily activities.


We understand that every company is different and that is why dedicated account managers are available to talk you through all the stages of the switch over. They work to your specifications, allowing a seamless transition.


In addition, once you have moved over to us we constantly monitor your service, provide you with an annual review and give you access to our support desk to solve day to day problems.


If you’re tied into an existing contract you may feel like you’ve got no way out. InVentry’s three step plan will make the transition easy and keep any existing running costs to a minimum.


  1. Trade in your old system for £500 off the cost of your new one and buy a three years’ maintenance contract from InVentry and get one for free to cover the cost of your existing solution
  2. Get your old data backed and saved so you’ve always got a record of what has gone before.
  3. Let InVentry remove the old system and install the new one and provide full training, support and software upgrades as part of your package.


For more information about what makes InVentry the number one sign in solution visit their website: https://inventry.co.uk/