5 Ways Computer Talk Makes Your Server Upgrade Painless

We all know that upgrading any infrastructure is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to a significant server upgrade. However, that does not mean Computer Talk won't make it as pain-free as possible. Here's how...

Dedicated Account Manager

From the moment you engage with Computer Talk, a dedicated Account Manager is assigned to you. This is someone you can turn to no matter what you (IT based) issue is. With years of experience working with schools to implement technologies, or working for schools using their technologies, your account manager is dedicated to helping you.

For you, this means one person that you can easily get hold of...and one person who will go the extra mile to ensure they understand any challenges you may be facing, and make recommendations based on these and what you would like to achieve with your vision for learning. They'll take the time to explain what benefits you will receive from a server upgrade.

Process & Communication

We firmly believe that having a well-defined process and clear communication really makes a difference on any project, especially your major infrastructure changes.

Initially, your account manage will visit your sited and discover exactly what it is you would like to achieve. They will then put a proposal together based on your requirements, our technical team's suggestions, and their recommendations. In this trying financial time, they will also consider your budget; in many instances they may well give you a few options.

After you've agreed on a solution, your project will be handed over to a dedicated Project Coordinator who will liaise with you, suppliers, and our engineers/technicians to book your install. Don't worry, you can still contact your account manager at this time.

At every step of your new server journey, dedicated people will keep you up-to-date with what's going on, so you don't have to worry. What's more, the project coordination is done for you...that's one less thing to add to your to-do list.

Follow-up/Continued Support

Having your own Account Manager brings an additional benefit when a job/projected is completed. They won't just sign you up, implement the changes, and abandon you...they will check to make sure everything is running smoothly (they'll do this throughout the build, and after). Why not request a termly meeting with your account manager to keep them on their toes?

As your staff begin to notice the big changes you've successfully implemented with your server upgrade, there may well be some initial transitional difficulties you may experience. Don't worry, after a server build, all server-related support requests are given a 'high priority' status so that our technicians get to them first. In addition to this, a technical wizard from the build team will take you through a thorough handover...equipping you with all you need to know to excel with the changes.

Reliable Equipment

It's no good putting all these changes in place if the equipment we've recommend for you is not up to scratch. That is exactly why we will never do that. Budgets and time are precious which is why we work very closely with some well-known trusted partners to source all of our (and your) kit. This way, we all know that it will work when it should and how it should.

Whilst we will do everything we can to keep costs low, it is absolutely essential to remember, when it comes to purchasing the right equipment to run and support your entire network, cheap is very rarely cheerful. 

We're Experts

Computer Talk are not new to EdTech. With almost thirty years of experience working with schools and IT (we'd struggle to collate our combined experience), our team is well equipped to design solutions that are bespoke to your school...no two schools are the same, so there's no reason for your server solution to identically replicate another school.

We work hard to make sure we know the ins and outs of your network, and your needs. This means that we believe the technologies we recommend to you will make a genuine difference to your everyday teaching and learning.