Our history

Founded in 1990

Computer Talk was founded 30 years ago in 1990 as an IT support and services company for schools. We saw great potential when the London Borough of Redbridge presented us with an opportunity in a number of schools in 1991. As a result of this we have grown into a company dedicated to technical expertise and good ethics.

Computer Talk insists on high quality work, innovation and honesty.

We have a great team at Computer Talk. We are all committed to delivering an excellent service to our customers.

Computer Talk

Meet the team

Computer Talk has formed many long term partnerships. We regularly speak to our customers to ensure that we are meeting their requirements.

Liam O'Mahony


"I left school in 1981 taking up an apprenticeship with BT in the local area. During my time at BT I experienced all aspects of the Voice and Communications world from Telephone exchanges to underground cables and data circuits.

Shortly after my 5th year I left BT in 1986 moving to a British PC hardware manufacturer Apricot Computers. It was during this time I became very interested in Computing. Systems were largely main or mini frame with text only devices. As time passed early versions of Windows began to take off and Computers became more friendly and useful.

In 1989 the opportunity to start a business arose. I had developed good all-round technical knowledge from my background in telecoms and computing and when the time was right in March 1990 Computer Talk was created.

I have been in the IT industry since leaving school and this gave me the chance to try to create something more meaningful and fulfilling. At the time, I did not know where it would lead, but I'm proud to say we have built a reputation for solid work, innovation and honesty. We still hold these fundamental values as key today.

I want Computer Talk to be known as a truly outstanding company and it has to be from our customers saying it not from us saying it. It should be a true reflection of what we deliver all the time. I hope our customers can see this as an underlying ethic from the entire team.

A major personal achievement for me is to be trusted by the same customers for many years. Some schools have worked with us for over 20 years which I think shows what Computer Talk stands for. As a final point, we take that trust seriously and take great pride in it. 30 years in this business is a great achievement.

I am happiest when customers give unprompted praise for the work we do for the simple reason that it helped them to achieve their goal. I enjoy seeing Computer Talk turn situations around to help schools to do more with their IT."

Liam is a big music fan, being both an avid listener and musician. In his spare time, he plays the Drums and Keyboards and in the event that he breaks free of the office, Liam is a keen photographer and frustrated golfer.

Andrew Winterford


"I am responsible for engaging customers and promoting Computer Talk to clients (in others words, sales and marketing!).

Prior to joining the company, I spent 25 years working within the corporate sector managing various sales teams and delivering IT and print services to the financial and legal sectors. I joined Computer Talk in 2010 to fulfil the ambition of running my own business, and to bring about a sense of personal achievement.

The last 10 years have been exciting but challenging, with Computer Talk seeing significant growth in a difficult climate. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep developing new ways to improve IT by understanding the challenges our customers face. With this knowledge, we are able to offer each customer a bespoke and joined-up strategy.

I love the spirit of the Computer Talk team; it is rewarding to watch them bring about significant improvements in how our customers use technology. Seeing our younger generation in schools engage with technology gives me an enormous sense of pride – we know that Computer Talk has helped to deliver experience.

I constantly challenge the team in offering real value. I want to have an impact on our younger generation's experience of everyday IT, and how this is used in our daily lives (not just social media). Whatever technology they use, it should be seamless, collaborative and engaging."

Andrew has a love for golf (albeit terrible) and music, having played in a number of rock and blues bands since his teens. Andrew may also be considered to have a slightly over-zealous love of everything “wine”.