Hosted Email & Cloud Services

Hosted Email

  • Work smarter, anywhere, with hosted email for business
  • Protect your information and mailboxes with anti-malware and anti-spam filtering
  • Keep sensitive information from accidentally being shared
  • Premier disaster recovery availability
  • Security experts giving around the clock data safeguarding
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
cloud services for business

In addition to all the security benefits of email hosting through Office 365 and the exchange, it's the little included extras that go the extra mile when it comes to your email service:

  • Simple solutions such as automatically populating email signatures (create one signature for your entire company to please the Marketing Department)
  • Huge amounts of storage
  • Compatible with a range of smart phones - so you can access anywhere
  • Ways to share contacts, calendar and other mailing items
  • Intelligent learning: takes note of what is 'junk' to you


Backup of data is critical to us all. Extending backup to the cloud as well as on-premise means we can secure critical data even if there is a disaster. As prices are continually reduced, we are now seeing more and more data moving to the cloud. This is to the point where complete DR plans with cloud storage and servers are a realistic option for varying budgets. A matter of a few years ago this would have been unthinkable. Are you concerned about how secure your backup is, or would you like a DR plan? Talk to use today.

Enterprise Antivirus

Some time ago you would need an on premise server to manage your Antivirus product. Eventually, the server requirements for this grew in specification. At the present time, it needs to be as powerful or more as your main server. Now we no longer need to worry about this, or invest in the hardware. Computer Talk offer cloud based Antivirus through Panda. All devices are in touch with the system whether at school or at home. Thus giving your peace of mind that your devices are being secure and updated at all times.

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