Simply Better Wireless for Schools

Ruckus smart Wi-Fi, with adaptive antenna technology, will ensure that every corner of your school is fully connected, without having every string of your purse fully extended. This is wireless for schools that works when you need it to, across a range of classrooms and devices.

Ruckus Wireless Trade Up

Trade up your old Access Points and receive the benefits of Ruckus Wireless at a heavily discounted price.

Adaptive Signal Control

By utilising high-gain adaptive antenna technology and best-path-selection, Ruckus Smart WiFi is able to produce the best possible signal for users on-the-move. Each and every user will have their WiFi delivered to them over the highest performing paths.

Network Capacity Optimisation

Ruckus WiFi has a truly unique ability to extract unmatched capacity and reliability out of the 802.11 standards. By unlocking the true potential of your wireless systems, you can reduce the overall cost of your Internet. Pay less for a better wireless service

Interference Mitigation

More devices and electronic equipment throughout your school will only ever increase the volume of the noise contending with your network. Ruckus smart antenna arrays will detect and steer transmissions away from this network noise, reducing interference.

Maximised Signal Strength

For long range and reliable WiFi that delivers unprecedented coverage and performance, choose Ruckus WiFi. Due to its adaptive technology, Ruckus WiFi focuses Radio Frequency energy on deliver the best performance.

Dynamic Polarization Diversity

Fixed polarity doesn’t deliver acceptable connectivity to your students. With increasingly smaller, smarter, and more mobile devices, your WiFi network needs to be able to deliver the best wireless connection to meet the improved end-user technology.

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