Mobile Device Management

Using Technology

overcoming the barriers to learning with mobile device management

What are the barriers that prevent teachers from using IT in the classroom? It could be too many apps with little control. Perhaps it is the distractions associated with technology. Or maybe it's they worry associated with getting the right functions for one class. Whatever the reason may be, it is critical to teaching and learning that your teachers are confident using IT.

From monitoring software to mobile device management, we have solutions to increase the learning time for students. It's time to place IT classroom control in the hands of your teachers. Be sure that good quality learning is taking place. Be satisfied with fewer distractions associated with online learning.

Mobile Learning

Learning is heading towards a very mobile environment. Therefore it's time to introduce mobile device management that facilitates safe learning. This no longer means a blanket ban on devices, but encourages teachers to use the class set of iPads. Mobile Manager makes this transition to mobile learning easy. This is because its design structure matches that of a school. Therefore it makes the management intuitive so roll out can be quick and simple. This means your students are able to access the benefits of mobile learning as soon as possible.

Key Benefits of MDM

  • Easily manage devices across your school with flexible groups and an intuitive interface
  • Control device functions with a simply click
  • Manage apps installed and purchased throughout the school
  • View critical information about all devices in your school

Mobile Device Management for schools

Our mobile management solutions make management intuitive and easy to use, so all staff from teachers to IT technicians can be confident with the safety they are providing students with.