IT Planning

Longer Term IT Planning for Schools

clear vision for technology

It’s no secret that the limits of your budgets are increasingly stretched year on year. Whether this is because you have to provide for more pupils, the fundamental requirement is that you need your IT systems to deliver.

Longer term IT Planning for schools provides a clear way to deliver an outstanding IT structure and devices beyond the short term. We pride ourselves in consulting with your school to create a bespoke longer term IT plan for you. By taking the time to explain how technology is integrated into the classroom, you know our recommendations make sense. We won't use technical jargon, which gives you the knowledge that you can constantly rely on your IT systems.

Your school is never the same from one day to another. Meaning that your IT system needs to be responsive and adaptive. Maybe your intake will increase, or you have to increase provision for more admin staff. Whatever the change, your plan must provide your school with the best opportunity to grow and continually meet demand.

In these plans we are able to assess your current IT infrastructure in order to advise you on the best options. We know that a lot of common issues, such as slow networks or log ons, are often resolved by server reconfiguration. Our team are able to survey your servers to ensure that you are getting the best from your network.