Impero Education Pro

Supporting Safeguarding in Schools Complying with School Inspectorates

Impero Education Pro helps IT teams to support busy networks, empowers teaching staff to control the digital classroom, and keeps students safe from the risks posed by the digital world.

Online Safety and Impero

  • Monitor, capture, log
    At the moment a violation occurs, the incident is captured, timestamped and logged. Tailor your policy to send alerts to the appropriate safeguarding person who can deal with the situation. Detection settings can be created for individuals, groups, or entire networks.
  • Keyword detection
    Identify keywords, phrases, abbreviations or acronyms which are typed, used, or viewed anywhere on the network. This helps to pinpoint vulnerable students. Keyword libraries developed in partnership with charities and specialists organisations. Your school can add to the libraries as well.
  • Student reporting: Confide tool
    Anonymous reporting enables students to report pastoral concerns (anonymously if they choose), about themselves or another student they are worried about. This alert goes to a trusted member of staff.
  • Keep student's safe
    Adopting both a proactive and reactive approach to online safety, Impero Education Pro offers an effective way to identify risk through real-time monitoring.
  • Fulfil Legal Obligations
    Education Pro's online safety feature helps schools to fulfil their legal duty of care in response to the Department of Education's Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance.

Appropriate Monitoring, National Standards, Complying with School Inspectorates

Impero Education Pro's online safety feature helps schools to meet a number of requirements outlined in several UK Government approved school inspectorates, including Ofsted, ISI, Education Scotland and Estyn.

The online safety feature is compliant with the UK Safer Internet Centre's provider checklist, which reviews monitoring solutions in line with the Department for Education's statutory guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Best Practice for Monitoring Online Behaviour

Developed with Specialists

The online safety feature of Impero Education Pro has been developed in partnership with charities and specialist organisations from across the globe, including the internationally-recognised IWF and SafeBAE, a charity founded by sexual assault survivors who appeared in the NETFLIX documentary Audrie & Daisy. This is why Impero is trusted by MATs and local authorities across the UK to fulfil safeguarding requirements and, ultimately, protect their students online.

With growing concerns around student safety online, Impero have focused recent development on the e-safety elements of Impero Education Pro. Designed in response to UK Government guidance, such as the Prevent Duty and Keeping Children Safe in Education, the online safety features help schools and colleges to fulfil their legal duty of care around online safeguarding.

Supporting the Prevent Duty

Impero Education Pro supports the Prevent Duty Guidance, which came into force in 2015, recommending education establishments have proper risk assessment processes in place, to ensure extremist views do not go unchallenged.

With Impero Education Pro the 'appropriate IT policies' element is covered with a specially developed 'counter-radicalisation' keyword detection policy.

The counter-radicalisation policy specifically has been developed in partnership with anti-extremist think tanks, counter-terrorism specialists and charitable organisations that work in the community to reduce race and religious hatred. 

IT Policies

The statutory guidance makes clear the need for schools to ensure that children are safe from terrorist and extremist material when accessing the internet in schools. Schools should ensure that suitable filtering is in place.

A complete log of all online activity, including screenshot and video captures to evidence misuse or potential risk, provides a historical timeline of user activity. This system provides recorded evidence of identified risk which can be shared with school inspection/radicalisation bodies where necessary, helping students receive the support they need.

Supporting the Prevent Duty - Impero's keyword libraries explained

Impero as Classroom Management Software

It's advanced and effective classroom management software designed to keep students safe and engaged, while helping teaching staff to maintain control. Teachers get real-time visibility of every student's device in an intuitive central view. This view allows you to restrict or monitor access to website, applications, and hardware. This means that a teacher can confidently use devices in class, from early years all the way up to FE.

Class and student management is an integral feature of Impero Education Pro. Teachers can keep students safe and focussed with the option to lock, block, control and broadcast to student screens remotely. This helps to encourage positive online behaviour and digital citizenship.

real-time monitoring
Teachers have a live, comprehensive view of student devices so inappropriate behaviour and risks can be managed and prevent in real time.
messaging & live chat
Discreet communication between teachers and students enable remote assistance, easy feedback or collaborative learning.
screen broadcasting
Broadcast a teacher's screen to all devices for task demonstration, share resources or showcase exemplary work.
multi-device monitoring
Empowering teachers to use technology in the classroom with cross-platform compatibility to promote learner engagement.
assessment tools
Assess learning over time through the exam module: quick question and quiz allocation tools.
teaching tools
Remove distractions and focus attention through single click actions: screen lock, internet disable, mute sound.
access management
Manage students' access to websites, applications or resources in real time during a lesson.
remote control
Improve communication and maximise learning with remote control used for assistance or demonstration.

Key Benefits of Impero Education Pro

  • Save Money
    You can control print and manage power to reduce the cost to your network. Impero Education Pro allows you to set designated shut down times (these could be overnight or idle times) for hardware, saving you the running costs of these PCs. This is done by your network manager at the click of a button, after running reports through Impero on the hardware. A typical return on investment due to the power management feature is just 6-8months.
  • Save Time
    Network managers can respond to and fix issues remotely, reducing classroom downtime drastically. Why not schedule power up times? Save crucial seconds or minutes in the morning as a computer is already turned on ahead of a teacher arriving into class.
  • Focus Learning
    A significant feature of Impero Education Pro is to keep students on task. Certain websites, applications and devices can be blocked at an individual, group, or entire network level - allowing you to focus learning. Teachers have real-time visibility of every user's computer, which encourages positive classroom behaviour.
  • Stay Safe
    Impero Education Pro is designed solely for education, and one of the most important parts of their software is keeping students safe in the online environment. Features include key word detection, blocks and filters to enable you to incorporate an effective online safety policy with an easy to use staff interface.


Impero for Network Managers

Impero Education Pro was developed in direct response to the challenges face in the modern learning environment: monitoring device activity, concerns over e-safety, managing the status and performance of equipment, ensuring network security and efficiency. With Impero, you've got it covered.

Save time, and reduce workloads for Network Managers by automating several processes. 

Key areas include:

  • Remote control & support
    provide technical support to fix a problem remotely - save time!
  • Print management
    assign print credits to enforce a reasonable usage policy - save money!
  • Computer usage monitoring
    including restrictions on USBs - easy track encrypted or unlisted USBs
  • Inventory management
    automating inventory checks in a single view - refresh at the optimum time
  • Licence management
    keep an eye on how many licences you are using, and stick within the legal limit
  • Power management
    centralise the control of power across the network - track savings

A Consolidation Tool

Impero Education Pro is a consolidated solution which, in many cases, is a better value alternative than purchasing each separate solution. The software is a seamless blend of:

  • Powerful network admin tools designed to support IT teams
  • Intuitive classroom control and instruction tools to help empower teaching staff in the digital classroom
  • State-of-the-art online safety features, including real-time monitoring and keyword detection libraries to keep students safe.

Cost Savings

Included in your Impero subscription is the ability to manage power for devices - assign policies for automatic shutdown, see idle times as power saving opportunities, and your return on investment will be around 6-8months based on typical power usage.

Inventory management helps keep you on top of network health or helps to make the most of existing machines by reallocating them or sharing in the best possible way. Make informed purchasing decisions as you can see the optimal time to replace hardware with the health report. This, in turn, helps make your budget allocation clear.

An Overview of Impero Education Pro

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