Finance & Leasing


best value investments

Providing your students with the latest and best IT is vital in order to give them the best start for the future. Satisfying everybody within your school can be financially difficult. Especially when budgets are tight.

To overcome this, Computer Talk have financing options that can assist you in delivering best value investments. With this, your school can acquire the technology needed today to achieve the IT goals of the future.

UniLink Finance has been appointed as the leasing advisor to Essex County Council since 2000. UniLink has an excellent reputation for providing honest and transparent advice and administers the schools leasing programme.

The Benefits of Leasing

As leading independent finances provider for IT, receiving financing delivers the following benefits:

  • LEA approved lease rates and simple lease documentation
  • Straightforward and easy to arrange - one phone call and we do the rest
  • The ability to include equipment from more than one supplier under one lease
  • Reputable and well established lessor with specialist school and college finance expertise
  • Compliant IFRS Operating Lease as required under current school finance guidelines
  • Return equipment to lessor for environmental disposal and data erasure. Or favourable options to continue using the equipment
  • Technical and advice telephone helpline provided by UniLink to assist with lease queries and end-of-lease negotiations with existing leases

About UniLink Financing

Leasing has become increasingly important to schools as a means of funding new equipment. UniLink Finance has been chosen by Essex County Council as the approved schools leasing provider.

Operating Leases

Operating leases are the only lease that a school should enter into and are perfect for the investment of IT equipment. This is a great solution for the ever changing face of IT.