Backup & Antivirus

Backup and Antivirus

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Backup of data is critical to us all. Extending backup to the cloud as well as on premise means we can secure our most critical data even in the case of a disaster at school. As prices reduce we are seeing more data moving to the cloud. This is to the point where complete disaster recovery plans using cloud storage and servers are a realistic option for school budgets. A matter of a few years ago this would have been unthinkable. If you are concerned about backup or would like to formulate a DR plan for your school, talk to us today.
backup and antivirus

Enterprise Antivirus

Some time ago you would require an on-premise server just to manage your Antivirus product. Over time the server requirements for this grew in specification to the point where it needed to be as powerful or more as your main server. Now we no longer need to worry about this or invest in that hardware. Computer Talk offers cloud-based Antivirus through Panda. All devices are in touch with the system whether at school or at home. Resulting in the peace of mind that your devices are being secure and updated at all times.
Backup and Antivirus have truly benefited from being available as cloud services. This portfolio will grow year on year. Furthermore, we will continue to offer better services at best value for all customers.

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