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Let's look at saving money...

Over the last few months we've seen some schools reduce their teaching hours; many schools drastically altering the curriculum they offer; other schools have even opted to ask for donations from parents; and Justine Greening pledged an extra £1.3bn to go into education.

Whilst funding per pupil has increased to £4,800 per year, schools are clearly struggling to balance their budgets. This is why we have seen these radical changes. It's evidently more important than ever that we support schools in trying to find ways to save money wherever possible.

At Computer Talk, we view our schools as partners, you are the customers that we work with in order to help you. It's for this reason that we have taken some time in researching ways in which we can help you save money.

As, we're sure you'll appreciate, we can't offer our services for free. We do everything we can to keep our costs to you low. In addition to this, we've highlighted other key areas in which we feel we can save you money.

6 Ways to Save Money

  1. Refurbished Kit
    Refurbished teacher laptops are the perfect alternative to brand new student laptops. We have access to some fantastic deals on refurbished kit, complete with warranties. If the specification isn't quite right, our cost effective upgrade options may be the solution for you.
  2. Use LEA Approved Leasing
    Gone are the days of "leasing" being a taboo word for education. Leasing offers a safe way to spread the cost of device procurement, enabling you to maximise the impact of device rollout without a huge initial cost.
  3. Saving Electricity
    Devices left on, or in standby, eat up electricity. Dedicating a member of staff to turn everything off is not an efficient use of their time...especially when it comes to this happening during the school day. Our software solution can manage this for you. By monitoring device usage times, you can create a timetable that automatically switches machines off or on when they're needed.
  4. Broadband Cost
    Sourcing your broadband from outside the local authority could well get you a better, faster, and more reliable connection at a much lower cost.
  5. Print Management
    This is a really great way to keep printing costs low. Assign credits or print allocation per people, groups, or departments to manage their printing. In addition to this you can monitor your heaviest print-users.
  6. Checking Printer Contracts
    It's easy to let your contracts continue on without really thinking about whether what you're paying is actually your agreed cost. With our specialist audit software, we can check this for you.

To find out more about the specific areas in which we may be able to save you money, call us on 020 8595 7744 or get in touch on our contact form. We offer free consultations with no obligation advice.