Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub

Built for teamwork

The Microsoft Surface Hub is designed to bring creativity, collaboration and productivity together on one canvas that is as big as your imagination. It takes you away from the stuffy meeting room environment where you're sharing a single small device, and introduces multi-device communication that brings teams together in a way that feels completely natural.

Microsoft Surface Hub integrates beautifully into the modern workplace, from large conference rooms to informal huddle spaces to offices. The fully integrated design, choice of screen size, and flexible mounting means that you can put the Surface Hub almost anywhere in your business.

Key elements that makes the Microsoft Surface Hub right for you

  • Walk up and use
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Connectivity to devices
  • Large screen apps
  • Communicate outcomes and action points
  • Design creativity
  • Team producitivty
  • Peer collaboration
  • High ROI


Microsoft Surface Hub

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