Digital Signage

Display a variety of different file formats with digital signage

Digital Signage

Smarter. Brighter. More Modern

Digital displays give informational and directional digital signage in the workplace a smarter, brighter and more modern appearance. Professional HD screens share anything from videos, scrolling messages, RSS feed or Tweets. You can distribute images across one or multiple screens. In fact, you can change this content at the click of a button or scheduled it well in advance.

Updating your messages and content couldn't be simpler with our preferred solutions. Layouts are premade (and editable) so all you need to do is add your logo and desired information. This is enterprise signage for busy people.

Digital Signage is a way for your business to project your digital image to your clients, customers, staff and visitors. Not only is this a way to develop your brand, but also it is an effective method to share vital information including emergency messages. Computer Talk deliver products that ensure visitor perception and brand awareness is firmly within your control.


Effective Communication
Digital Signage allows you to inform, entertain and engage your visitors. Using digital signage means that visitors will see your highly visible powerful messages.
No Media Restrictions
Sedao Digital Signage plays images, video, live TV, text and so many more media file types. This means you don’t have to worry about converting files into a suitable format – simply plug and play.
Scheduled Messaging
Scheduling features lets you set a time to display messages, wherever you are. This means you don’t have to constantly update your personal schedule to display a message. It also means you can target your messages to specific people at specific times of the day.
Convenient Updates
Digital Signage solutions are efficient to use. In summary, a simple user interface, your organization can update messages quickly. This means that you are able to focus on customers, service, and running your business.
There are no ongoing costs with Digital Signage (other than nominal electricity charges). Therefore you will see a visible return on your initial investment.
Multiple Visible Messages
With Digital Signage, you are not limited to displaying a single message at once. Display an unlimited number of messages and features at the same time in order to meet the needs of different people.

See Digital Signage in Action

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