Audio Visual

Flexible Workspaces

adaptable audio visual technology for collaboration and open spaces

The modern workspace is evolving, so audio visual collaboration and technology must adapt. Like the people using it.

Companies are introducing open-space collaborative working areas because they improve interactivity between employees. As a consequence, creativity, staff motivation, and productivity increases whilst cost decreases. Collaboration is becoming the standard at work, getting precedence over traditional at-desk work.

The evolution of Wireless and Cloud technology made it easier for companies to use open areas and hot-desking. Workers no longer need their own dedicated desk - they need newer audio visual solutions.

The Clevertouch Pro is designed for such environments. Its 'walk-up-and-use' functionality lends itself to group discussions and secure visitor use. The Clevertouch Pro is off-network which keeps everything safe.

The Clevertouch Pro gives you access to the most used files types, for example, PDFs, video, and office docs.

Meeting Rooms

don't let flip charts and minute taking keep you from progressing in your meeting room

Meeting rooms are critical. They are for communicating, creating, brainstorming, training and, not to mention, decision making. In view of the fact that everyone connects digitally, it makes sense to put these devices to good use. As long as your meeting room is advanced enough, you can integrate with people and devices.

Audio visual solutions for meeting rooms

The Clevertouch Pro is a highly-versatile large-format 4k UHD display for meeting rooms. It's an easy to use audio visual interactive touchscreen. Not only does it need no set-up or calibration, but also it can connect to your laptop at the touch of a button. Furthermore you can screen-share wirelessly across many devices.

Anyone can connect via a browser, AirPlay, or a desktop application using the Clevertouch Pro. Access any file type or web site, and annotate over it using the built-in ink facilities. Combine this with an unbound white boarding space, so participants can save and distribute a complete record, directly from the screen.

For the purpose of keeping the best talent, businesses have to offer work-spaces that provide the best tools for the job. In summary, the Clevertouch Pro does exactly that.

Montage for Meetings

Wireless presentation system for efficient & effective meetings - no matter where you are

Montage for meetings is a wireless collaboration presentation system. Specifically designed to make meetings more productive and effective, montage can increase efficiency. With Montage, you can simultaneously stream content from attendees' devices to the meeting room screen... both in room and remote.

Wireless Presentation System: Montage

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Reception Areas

use digital signage to create your wow factor from the start

A professional display reinvents your current reception area. Do this by enhancing communication and collaboration between employees, clients, and visitors.

The reception areas of an organization are vital for making positive first impressions. When they enter your building it may be the first experience they've had with you beyond the digital space. Digital signage screens act as smart diversions to showcase key messages, deliver news, and encourage your visitors to form a good opinion.

Professional panels cater for any space of lighting conditions, including full daylight in HD or 4K. They can run 24/7, enjoy low running costs and enable you to change images, text or video instantly, or even schedule changes through a signage player. User your panels as you want: stream information across many different screens, or use all displays for that single high impact image.

Using digital signage in the reception area