8 Reasons Why Schools Should Use Digital Signage

8 reasons why schools should use digital signage and displays

As more schools are looking to put some form of digital signage or displays in place, we would like to share some of the reasons why they're becoming increasingly popular.

Quick and Easy to Update

Time is so precious, especially with a stretched workforce. Why take more time than needed to update paper displays? With just a few mouse clicks, you can have your displays throughout school updated – or you could opt to schedule key information.

Showcase Great Examples of Work

Imagine your printing bill when all the pieces of work on display have been photocopied (in colour) from an exercise book in order to be mounted onto a display…

Now remove the printing cost by simply scanning the work to make it ready to be uploaded onto a digital display. What’s more, the sense of pride the student gets from this piece of work is much quicker therefore acting as better motivation.

Keep Parents/Carers Up-to-Date

With strict and stringent safeguarding procedures and measures in place, it’s becoming more unusual for parents to walk around and see displays at the end of a school day. This means they miss out on the opportunity to see a lot of excellent work. Put this on the digital display in reception instead and parents can see work with ease.

The benefit of this isn’t just restricted to examples of work either. Key term dates and information about trips/the school day helps the parents see what has been happening in school.

Engage Students in Activities

Firstly, some students may not attend extra-curricular activities because they have forgotten that they’re on. If they see this information throughout school, the prompt may encourage them to attend.

Better still, put a video of the last activity on display and show how much fun it was. No one wants to miss out on fun…so more engagement may come due to this.

Encourage Independence

The big bad world is full of digital signs giving direction and information. Your students will be used to this. They may even expect this, especially in a large secondary school with older pupils.

When students arrive new to a school, wouldn’t it be refreshing if they didn’t feel constantly lost, and weren’t as able to use it as an excuse to be late for lessons?

Schedule your displays to point your students in the right direction. At the end of break, simply have ‘Science ->’ displayed and watch how quickly your students gain independence in a new school building.

Display Essential Information

For example, your fire and emergency procedures – where should people go, and what should they do in the event of an emergency? What’s the policy for reporting a child absent? Can you warn students if their teacher is absent? Do you have a new member of staff and their photo to display?

By displaying these bits of information you can enable your school to run more smoothly, and be a safe, more enjoyable environment.

Help Visitors be at Ease

Many people become nervous before a meeting. Parents, when they are in to talk about their child, for example, might need a distraction to calm them down. Other visitors will feel more welcome if they can learn a little bit about your school whilst they wait.

A fun, entertaining reception digital display really ‘sells’ your school, and showcases the truly fun things that you do. It also buys you a bit of time if you’re running late for that meeting!

Free up TA's Time

So much of a TA’s time is spent on crating engaging and colourful displays. As fun as this is, and as stimulating as it may be for the environment, there are other ways to create impactful displays. It eats up such a huge amount of time that could be used preparing resources, or working with groups of children to improve attainment and behaviour.

Digital displays and signage give a little bit of time back to a TA.

There’s a huge variety of digital displays that could work for your school size, budget, and vision. Get in touch for more information, or request a free demonstration.