Month: February 2021

Schools reopening: how can tech help to keep premises Covid-secure?

With the re-opening of schools green-lighted, planned is in full flow to  ensure premises are fit-for-purpose. The good news is that technology which many schools already have on-site can help with social distancing obstacles and can be incorporated into the overall school approach. Let’s look at a few examples.

Visitor management systems

Modern visitor management systems, such as InVentry, have features such as track and trace, and health declarations. With the tracking feature, schools can know who is on-site which translates into a handy report should someone test positive for Covid. With these systems, the risk of transmission is reduced as screens can be cleaned and you do not need the traditional signing-in pad and pen which many people would handle in the past.

Digital signage

Quickly and easily updated, digital signage has many uses beyond wayfinding. Emergency alerts, social distancing and hand washing reminders, helpful information and policies can all be displayed using digital signage technology. Specified routes around school where space is limited or where there is a need for one-way circulation, e.g. in the school canteen or library, can be supported by clear bright signs. Sedao’s digital signage is a cost-effective solution, which is easy to update and does not incur annual fees.

Interactive touchscreens/whiteboards

The latest front of class interactive touchscreens are germ resistant and include ultra-smooth screens which harbor less bacteria than conventional whiteboards. They are also compatible with PPE gloves, allowing pupils to safely touch the screen without cross-contamination. Many have built-in digital messaging, which can be used to communicate important information throughout the school, such as reminding students to wash hands, remain socially distanced or to convey staggered break times. We thought we’d take this moment to also remind you that they make pretty good teaching tools too!


Thermal imaging technology and infrared cameras can show if an individual is showing signs of a high temperature upon entry to your school. Powered by artificial intelligence, the systems produce images and temperature readings and send an alert to a relevant member of staff. The readings only take a second to detect the temperature of each person and in a socially-distanced manner. There are a number of different systems that can be installed.

Public Address (PA) system

With PA and class change systems, schools can communicate critical information throughout the school day, using either live or pre-recorded announcements. Class change systems allow you to automatically schedule recorded alerts, which can be synchronised across the school or set for specific zones, for specific events such as lockdown. Clocks can also be synchonised so that messages and change bells are broadcast at the same time throughout the school premises.

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