10 *Good* reasons to use technology in classrooms

It's quite clear by now, technology isn't going away from the classroom...

...and there's no hiding from it. This has probably been the case for the last 15 years at least, when we moved away from the traditional ICT Suites and began implementing interactive technologies in most classrooms. So other than just continuing on with the tech trend, we're stepping back to explore some valid reasons for having these technologies.

Students love technology

They expect it too. As long as they have the tools they love, they are more likely to engage with the lesson content and their person learning journeys.

Prepare students for the future

It's unlikely that your students of today will enter the world of work without needing to use a device of some kind. Whilst it won't be expected that they can pick up and use all devices to their full functionality, it would be extremely beneficial if they were well equipped to use a range of devices.

IT for educationImprove collaboration

This is a hot topic everywhere at the moment...and for good reason. Collaboration is, without a doubt, key to unlocking great work. In the words of Mother Teresa "I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things." Technology of today is all about boosting collaboration...so students can achieve more.

Active learning

Learning is not just a case of listening, repeating, or remaining passive. It's time to let the teacher step away from the front of class, and immerse themselves where the learning is taking place.

Technology is safe

When taught how to use in conjunction with open discussions regarding online safety and classroom monitoring, there's no reason to be afraid of it. Instead of it just being used as an incentive or treat, it's never been safer to use technology as part of facilitating learning.

Becoming digital citizens

It's our responsibility to make sure the learners of today have the awareness of what it is to be a responsible digital citizen. Using devices within a safe learning environment provides nurture and advice develops a clear understanding of safe online use.

Teaching different learner types

The concept of different learner types is widely disputed in education...but why not cover all bases anyway? With sensibly used technology, it can bring about diversity in the way content is consumed and absorbed, helping reach a larger number of students.

IT for educationInformation is NEW

Digital information is the way to get the most up-to-date and relevant information. Whether this is because content is frequently created, or simply because it's quicker to source it. What's more, learners are more able to become world citizens when they're encouraged to investigate what's going on using a device they love.


Learning at your own pace whilst meeting guidelines and deadlines becomes easier to achiever. Learning is in the hands of the student, so they can become more responsible and take ownership of their learning journey and the resources they access. These are all key transferable skills when it comes to life.

Varied end results

With a greater wealth of content, presentation options and endless resources, you're bound to end up with much more variety and creativity in the work that is produced. Not only is this more interesting for a teacher, it also serves as a significant learning experience for your students. They'll develop their ideas from each other...enhancing their knowledge and understanding of topics.

You don't always need the latest and greatest kit, but technology needs to work for your school and your students for them to make the most out of their education.

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