Virtual Reality for Care Homes

Using Virtual Reality in Care Homes

The perfect solution for virtual reality for care homes

Created in the first instance for education, we were quick to notice that the available content and lessons plans on the ClassVR headset & setup doesn't have to be contained to a classroom. The content is cross transferable; working on the principle that stimulating brain activity with interesting (and sometimes challenging) "lessons" engages residents with a low-cost low-physical-impact activity, helping to improve their time in the home. ClassVR is cross-transferable as virtual reality for care homes.


virtual reality for care homes

virtual reality in care homes headsetIn recent training sessions the educational images and lesson plans accessible on the VR headsets raised positive feedback from both staff and residents. Staff mentioned how they could see how the content would engage and stimulate residents, whilst the residents themselves exhibited enthusiasm with Class VR.

One particular worry with virtual reality for care homes is the usability and comfort when the elderly put the headsets on. In training sessions, residents who tried the ClassVR tech did not appear worried. In fact, they quickly seemed comfortable...enjoying the experience! Due to the fact that these headsets are all-in-one (you don't need to add a mobile device) the weight is very controlled, and the device fits well, helping to aid comfort.

We would recommend, in addition to the headsets, purchasing a 360 degree camera. With this, you would be free to upload images to the headset. For example, capturing local sites or landmarks would help residents foster a good engagement and a comfortable sense of connection with the technology, not to mention comfort from seeing familiar things. Why not take the camera on any days out you may have? This would allow those residents that are physically unable to go on the trip to have a shared experience - we're not suggesting substituting going outdoors, just bringing the outdoors to those that can't get out.

This helps encourage positive outcomes in terms of residents wellbeing, shared experience, and communication through innovation.

Now we've covered the benefits to residents, we'll take a quick look at how this may benefit the home itself. Using technologies to have a direct and positive impact on residents will help to raise the profile/prestige of the care home - becoming more attractive to potential residents and their families. In addition to that, ClassVR sets are very competitively priced, meaning that your return (in sense of satisfaction) is high.

ClassVR requires little training, and is very user friendly. It comes complete with engaging educational content found to be suitable for all ages.