Guaranteed Mobile Phone Signal

an Ofcom approved legal solution

Many enterprises have poor in-building mobile phone coverage. It is a growing problem due to the modern construction materials used. At the same time, customer expectations of signal coverage requirements are increasing and multi operator solutions are being demanded. Many businesses currently turn to signal boosters in an attempt to provide an affordable solution to their problem. However, Ofcom prohibit the use of signal boosters as they cause network disruption.

We work with our partners, OpenCell, to provide a legal, affordable solution to this problem through the use of new Femto Cell technology.

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How OpenCell works

  • Independently Managed Service in partnership with all operators connecting directly to the operators networks.
  • Small cells, as an in-building solution to enterprises requiring better mobile phone signal.
  • Small cells support a multi provider solution, so all networks signals are improved for the enterprises and are open to all end users of the operators networks.
  • Service Level Agreements for enterprise customers.

Who is it for?

  • Managed Serviced Offices
  • Leisure, gyms & casinos etc.
  • Hotels
  • Retirement villages & care homes
  • Landlords of multi tenant offices or high end apartments
  • Supermarkets
  • Retail outlets
  • HE/FE institutions

About the Process

Once you have booked a consultation with us, we will design a solution to your in-building signal problems, specific to your building’s needs. We typically provide solutions for buildings with capacity for 10 to 1,000 people, ranging from 50m² to 5,000m². Following the assessment of your building, we install a femto cell. This cutting edge technology then allows 3G signal throughout your building, from all mobile network providers in the UK.