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About Fullwood Primary School

Fullwood Primary is a larger than average community primary school, with around 500 pupils on roll.

The previous two Ofsted inspections has shown that this Redbridge School achieved Outstanding in all areas, led by the Head Teacher Danvir Visvanathan.

Computer Talk’s Relationship with Fullwood Primary School

Computer Talk have been supporting Fullwood Primary School with their IT for many years. From new build ICT Suites, to WiFi support, we work with the staff at Fullwood Primary in an open and honest manner to ensure their IT infrastructure is running efficiently. Over this time, we have built a relationship with staff, particularly Chris Bloomfield, their IT Technician. The importance of this relationship was highlighted in a recent support request.

The Case for Support and System Backups

Chris Bloomfield called Computer Talk just before 5.00pm one afternoon. He was concerned that a virus had entered their system (most probably through an email, or a compromised website), which could potentially have access to all the shared drives. Whilst every effort is made to ensure no viruses pass through to the system, this particular virus presents itself in a way that seems professional to the recipient through particular social engineering (fake Royal Mail/delivery emails, for example).

Due to the serious nature of this support request, a dedicated Computer Talk engineer stayed late to ensure any damage was minimized, and no further damage could happen through the night. We used our comprehensive fault logging procedure to ensure key details were recorded, and our morning engineer could pick up the fault at 7.30am the next day.

During that morning, our technicians expertly assessed any damage, and were able to talk Chris through to resolving the issue, and rebuilding the infected machine. Thankfully, Fullwood Primary School invest in a backup system that frequently ensures all data, documents, and admin files are saved. This means that in any instance where a system could be compromised, the school can safely return to a recent point in time, minimizing loss.

Chris Bloomfield's Reaction to Computer Talk

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Satisfaction 10/10

“I knew that the fault was being attended to as soon as possible. I was kept informed by phone and email as to the progress that was being made. Downtime was kept to a minimum, with access to the internet and programs still a possibility during this time.”

Recommendation 10/10

“Having dealt with Computer Talk for a number of years, I can see the way the company has progressed and know that problems will be assessed as to severity, and sorted in a reasonable time. This is both a fair and efficient process. We appreciate that Computer Talk give us honest advice during their support.”

Computer Talk Support

Computer Talk provide Fullwood Primary School with a Managed Service Contract, giving them unlimited Helpdesk support and assistance, unlimited onsite support, and remote access to their servers for support. This service enabled Computer Talk to respond quickly and efficiently with our team of support technicians.

Our Support Packages

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