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Best Value Broadband for Education

from as little as £2,070* per annum

Computer Talk, in partnership with Exa Education is a genuine alternative to the current models of the Regional Broadband Consortia, and most Grids for Learning. The Computer Talk schools broadband package gets you a better, faster, and more reliable connection to the outside world.

Your school’s requirements for the type of broadband is dependent upon your curriculum and administrative needs.

With greater freedom to choose a broadband package that is sourced outside of the LEA, you may be surprised at the significant savings you could achieve a faster, more reliable connection.

Our extensive experience means that we understand the importance of having internet that is fast and reliable. This connectivity is essential for teacher access, staff productivity, and most importantly student engagement and learning.

Broadband Package Features

Our broadband packages feature all the main requirements for your school broadband solution. They include:

  • Education compliant email
  • Secure connections for file transfers
  • Secure parental communication
  • Internet filtering
  • Antivirus protection
  • Video sharing

From as little as £2,070p/a*

Award-winning broadband from Computer Talk in partnership with Exa

  • Reliable & consistent broadband
  • Premium router included
  • Around-the-clock technical support
  • Guaranteed speeds
  • Faster speeds are cheaper prices
  • Dedicated connection to your school
Competitive Pricing

We firmly believe that we can deliver faster speeds at cheaper prices, alongside excellent customer service and support. You could pay as little as £2,070 per annum*.

Faster Broadband
Our broadband package offers your school an excellent opportunity to get a better, faster, and more reliable connection to the outside world. Achieve more with faster internet.
Guaranteed Bandwidth
Once your service is up and running, Exa ensure that your bandwidth remains constant. This means that your school will always receive the speed that was recorded when your line was tested.
Online Safety
All Exa Education connectivity services have SurfProtect Cloud content filtering included. This industry-leading service was nominated for three consecutive ISPA Awards for Best Safety product. Implement and effective online safety policy with filtering specific to individual users.

*Price quoted is for a proposed 10Mb service. Actual price will depend upon the type of line and service level you opt to purchase.

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