Door Entry

Secure Your Premises

with electronic door entry

Keeping your students and staff safe is perhaps one of the most important aspects of being in education. Beyond the usual safeguarding measures, there are additional steps your school can take to improve its overall security effectiveness, and protect your learning environment to a high level.

Maximise the security and safety across all areas of the school, not just the entrance or office areas.

No More Keys
With an electronic fob, the worry of any lost keys is gone. Simply deactivate the fob or key card and your building remains secure. No more costly replacing locks.
Auto Locking
When you're walking around school carrying heavy bags or lots of resources, you don't have the hand to spare to lock the door behind you. With door entry systems, you can set the doors to lock automatically behind you.
Zoned Access
The areas of access per key card can be changed in accordance with the type of access required. For example, you might not need your teaching assistance to have access to the cleaning cupboard, but your caretaker most certainly needs this accessibility.
Fire Alarm Integration
Door Entry is fully health and safety compliant. For instance, if the fire alarm goes off, the external doors can be set to automatically open to allow all people in the school to leave safely.
  • Protect your premises
  • Easy to manage
  • Track access
  • Ultimately safer