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Clevertouch in education: A Case Study

Clevertouch interactive touchscreens are an essential tool for creative teaching and engaged learning. Of course, you have constant bright images, but without overheating or bulb replacement. Get all your class involved with multi-touch displays for many fingers.

Transform your classroom and engage students. Create an exciting classroom environment with Clevertouch in education without delay.

Children playing with a clevertouch in education

Designed for Education

Clevertouch interactive touchscreens have found their home in the classroom. The first thing to remember is Clevertouch boards have none of the disadvantages that projectors have. As a result of this, there are no obscuring shadows and no issues with bright light. In fact, the entire range showcases beautiful screens and simple controls. On balance, they allow teachers to focus on what matters: sharing ideas with students.

Engage children in new and familiar ways with the best selling educational touchscreen.

User-Friendly Interface

Are you new to touchscreens for teaching? It will amaze you as pupils of any age simply walk up and interact straightaway. Watch as children experience no learning curve when interacting with the Clevertouch. Teacher-friendly features include: full internet access; child-proof screen lock; intuitive file management, and; common-sense connectivity. This leaves Clevertouch at the front of the classroom, and at the fore front of learning.
Multi Touch
5 year warranty
Android Interface
Integrated speakers
Low power consumption
Lux Interface
No Shadow
Internal Memory
Plus LUX