Clevertouch Plus 4K

Stunning Touchscreens for Schools: Clevertouch Plus 4K

4k resolution is so life-like it effortlessly captures your students' imaginations

touchscreens for schools
View and share the screens of connected participants. Or you can even invite them to collaborate on your content
Highly interactive lessons & engaging content delivery software
Annotation and planning software for imaginative and creative content
Make maths lessons come to life with the interactive maths tools.

Clevertouch Plus

A 20-point touch version of the Clevertouch Plus is available in smaller sizes

Any school will appreciate the no-compromise Clevertouch Plus because it is built for education. Features include an all metal frame, 4mm safety glass. Let's not forget the 5 year de-install/re-install warranty guaranteeing your Clevertouch Plus. Overall, the Clevertouch Plus will be enhancing your classroom for many years.

Be amazed if you’re new to touchscreens for schools, as all pupils interact with the Clevertouch straightaway. For instance, any child who uses apps on smartphones and tablets can immediately engage with the Cleverstore. Notably the only advert-free and cost-free educational app store.

Features include full internet access, child-proof screen lock, intuitive file management and common-sense connectivity. Leaving the Clevertouch at both the front of the classroom, and at the fore-front of learning.

A 20-point touch version of the Clevertouch Plus is available in smaller sizes.

Toughened anti glare glass, strong bezel, and five year warranty
LUX Interface
LUX user interface resulting in a better experience with every touch
Multi Touch
Up to 10 point multi touch gesture and writing capability
Full HD
1080p Full HD high definition, high brightness display
HDMI, VGA, Audio, USB, RS232, LAN & more
No Shadow
Unlike interactive whiteboards and projector solutions

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