Keeping Your School Safe

with IPCCTV cameras

Keeping your students and staff safe is perhaps one of the most important aspects of being in education. Beyond the usual safeguarding measures, there are additional steps your school can take to improve its overall security effectiveness, and protect your learning environment to a high level.

CCTV systems are an essential part of protecting your organization.
Computer Talk recommend the quality solution from HikVision IP CCTV in order to keep your premises safe and secure. Our engineers are trained to survey and install surveillance systems.

A Significant Deterrent
The knowledge that your school has strategically placed CCTV cameras is often enough to reduce incidents of bad or antisocial behaviour. This can be from students, parents, visitors, and the general public. Someone is less likely to behave inappropriately if they know they are being recorded.
Reduced Bullying
If a pupil becomes the centre of bullying activities, your CCTV system can help your staff to identify and understand the situation in which it occurs. In turn, this helps your pupils to feel safer at school and in the playground.
Staff Protection
In the unlikely case that a member of your staff has been falsely accused of misconduct, the recorded CCTV assists in resolving such incidents, providing your staff with the evidence they need to prove that they are doing their job in an effective manner.
Detection & Evidence
Sometimes schools can become a target for theft, vandalism, and general crime. Our recommended CCTV systems will flag incidents as they happen, which means it is quicker and easier to check through your recordings to find the cause of the crime, helping lead to a conviction.
  • Protect your premises
  • Review quality images
  • Receive video analytics
  • Power & signal provided by a single cable
  • Remote view and monitor whilst away from school through CCTV app