Computer Monitoring

Online Safety

safeguarding your students when using technology

Benefits of Computer Monitoring

  • view live thumbnails of all network computers
  • report on network usage by user or computer
  • record on-screen activity for good or bad behaviour
  • identify hardware that needs replacing
  • restrict internet, application and hardware storage
  • and many more…
Appropriate computer monitoring

Intelligent Computer Monitoring

Appropriate computer monitoring gives your school a firm grip in order to keep students safe, and focus their digital learning. Usage boundaries, including applications, websites, and hardware restrictions can be set at a network level, or an individual user level. This means that you are in a strong position to safeguard vulnerable students online, give more freedom to older students, and be aware of trends that could be impacting upon behaviour and learning within school.

The benefits of this type of monitoring means that your students are prepared for safe, appropriate, and efficient use of technology for the future.

With intelligent digital monitoring, you can save your technicians time, evaluate resource use and, as a result of this, save money. Impero Education Pro enables you to access reports on your network data that show your power usage, print history, violation alerts and general computer usage. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions to run an efficient IT system.

Impero Education Pro

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