Visitor Management

Record Your Visitors

manage your entrances

Maintain a record of your visitors whilst reducing the time it takes to sign someone in.

Modernise your entrance and improve the efficiency of taking residents (or groups of residents) out of the home.

With Visitor Management from InVentry you can keep accurate (and photographic) evidence of your visitors, helping to safeguard your residents. In addition to this it makes it that much easier to enable residents to see their loved ones, and for staff to identify them on premise. 

Visitor Management

  • Improved visitor monitoring
  • Quicker access for frequent visitors
  • Easily record staff entry
  • Records DBS checks
  • Identify visitors with their badge
  • Information is secure
  • Feel confident that staff & residents are safe
Touch Screen Interface
The intuitive interface is easy to welcome & sign in visitors and staff. It records visitor information, and photographs with the integrated webcam.
DBS Check Integration
InVentry is your central record of DBS checks for vetting staff and visitors. DBS checked visitor badges can be produced for easy identification.
Visitor Sign In & Photo ID Badge Printing
Visitors can sign in almost instantly, and print a photo ID badge. All of their data gets recorded, minimising the time guests have to wait, but most importantly making your home even safer.
Staff Notification
Each member of staff is able to be notified as soon as their visitor arrives. This notification, by text or by email, contains their visitor name and photograph for easy identification in a crowded space.
Fully Encrypted Database
You can collect as much information as possible to ensure you feel safe and comfortable with who has access to your residents. However, protecting this data is essential. The InVentry central database is fully encoded, and only authorised personnel can access it, which is in-keeping with Data Protection.
One-Click Fire Evacuation List
A one-click list can be produced on an app, via the web-app, or it can be printed. This means you can access the list of your staff, residents, and visitors in the event of an evacuation, or simply for your reference.
Quick Find and Visitor Memory
Regular visitors and staff are remembered in the system. By typing the first few characters of their name, they can select themselves and sign in. With the integrated webcam, it is also possible to select by photograph.
Time Card Printing
Easily monitor part time staff hours for your employees. This can improve the efficiency of the pay roll if any staff have completed extra hours, or require overtime for assisting in additional tasks.

Group Excursions

The welfare of your residents is not just about the wellbeing of them inside the home. Allowing your residents to go on excursions will do wonders for their mental health; fresh air and sights are often attributed to the cause of better overall health.

Organising these excursions is no easy task, however. Risk assessments and planning are extensive and highly detailed, but often still rely on a paper recording method of those residents who are out in the group. With InVentry, not only can you manage your visitors, but also you can manage the groups of residents who are in or out. 

Prepare your groups in advance of your excursions so that you can simply show your residents that are in your home with one click. In terms of data protection, you're not at risk of losing a list of patients when out and about, but in terms of safety and evacuation, you can always have an accurate up-to-date list of residents.

Beyond that, you're then able to present the residents families with an accurate record of the time they spent out of the home.

Staff Rostering

Keep an accurate record of the hours that your staff keep - helping to make any hour disputes easier, and making time management more effective.

Staff can see their own hours, and any additional time they need to work for that time period.

A much-needed feature, this shows how closely Computer Talk and InVentry work with our customers, identifying the changes that they need to make in order for a product or service to be fully usable for them. We listened and developed this change specifically for the care sector.

  • Protect your residents
  • Easy to manage
  • Track access
  • Ultimately safer

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