About Us

Founded in 1990

Computer Talk was founded in 1990 as an IT Support and Services company for schools. We saw great potential when the London Borough of Redbridge presented us with an opportunity in a number of schools in 1991. As a result of this we have grown into a company dedicated to technical expertise and good ethics.

Computer Talk insists on Solid Work, Innovation & Honesty.

We have structure, process and some truly wonderful people at Computer Talk. But we’re not done yet… we can be bigger, better and stronger.

Computer Talk

Meet the Team

Computer Talk will be known as a truly outstanding company delivering unrivalled service, sound advice and long term partnerships as a consequence of our hard work.


Liam O'Mahony


I left school in 1981, and as a result of this I went into the telecoms industry at BT. After I left BT, I began Computer networking with Apricot Computers. It was when I was working for a computer reseller that the opportunity to start a business arose. I developed good technical knowledge from my background in telecoms and computing. As a consequence of my networking experience, I appreciate the solutions our customers need.

I have been in the IT industry since leaving school, and this gave me the chance to try to create something more meaningful and fulfilling. At the time, I did not know where it would lead, but I'm proud to say we have built a reputation for solid work, innovation and honesty. We still hold these fundamentals today.

I want Computer Talk to be known as a truly outstanding company. This has to be from our customers saying it. This must happen as a result of our work and be a true reflection of what we deliver. In summary, we hope customers can see our this as a goal of our entire team.

A major personal achievement for me is being trusted by the same customers for many years. Some schools have worked with us for over 17 years which goes to show what Computer Talk stands for. As a final point, we take that trust seriously and take great pride in it. Also, achieving 25 years in this business was a great moment.


About Liam

Liam is happiest when customers give unprompted praise for the work we do for the simple reason that it helped them to achieve their goal. He enjoys seeing Computer Talk turn situations around to help schools to do more with their IT. 
Liam is a huge music fan, being both an avid listener and musician. In his spare time, he plays the Drums and Keyboards. In the event that he breaks free of the office, Liam is a keen photographer and golfer.



Andrew Winterford


After spending 25 years working within the Corporate Sector, I joined Computer Talk. My change in career was for the simple reason that I needed to bring a sense of achievement and make a difference. 

I would like Computer Talk to offer real value to everyday teaching and learning. I want to have an impact on our younger generation's experience of everyday IT. This could be using an interactive display or a mobile device. Whatever technology they use, it should be seamless, collaborative and engaging.

We transformed our process, structure and staff to benefit our schools. This is because we want our schools to receive an outstanding, consistent experience.

I love the team spirit of Computer Talk and sharing our success with others. Seeing our younger generation engaging with technology brings me an enormous amount of pride. This comes alongside the knowledge that Computer Talk have delivered that experience.

Andrew worked in the Corporate Sector in London for 25 years, at Canon [UK] Ltd. He was responsible for many large financial institutions and legal firms globally. In his role, he managed print and document workflow. He was also responsible for building a number of successful sales and marketing teams to grow market share.

Most noteworthy highlights Andrew has of Computer Talk include celebrating our 25 years in business in 2015. Furthermore, he believes that every time schools partner with Computer Talk is a great achievement. as he can see the excitement our innovative ideas bring to each classroom.